Mass Effect 3 launch trailer is here to whip you into a reaper-killin' frenzy

Here's the launch trailer for Mass Effect 3, arrived just ahead of the title's launch next week and just in time to work you into a proper state of anticipation. To put this in perspective, when Mass Effect 3 went into space, the residents thereof didn't get a new clip – but now it's about to go on sale, EA's looking out for you.

In fairness, this might not be the best clip to show the residents of deep space anyway. Future archeologists may well look back on it and wonder why we were so eager to paint extra-terrestrials as genocidal maniacs and/or laser cannon-fodder... or, if the clip's done its job, they'll just wonder how they can get their hands on the game. Luckily for you in 2012, obtaining a copy of Mass Effect will shortly become very straightforward indeed – and you can be sure we'll have a review ready and waiting for you imminently too.