Marvel's Spider-Man leads April 2020 PlayStation Now additions

(Image credit: PlayStation)

This month's batch of PlayStation Now games includes Marvel's Spider-Man, which will be available for download until July 7.

The service's April 2020 lineup also includes Just Cause 4, which will be downloadable until October 6, and The Golf Club, which will be a permanent addition. If you're wondering why Marvel's Spider-Man is leaving PlayStation Now so soon, that's because it's part of the special big-wig lineup that rotates more frequently. For comparison, January saw the addition of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted: Lost Legacy, which have both rotated out as of today, April 7. 

If you're also wondering why this is such a big deal, that's because Marvel's Spider-Man is about as good as superhero gaming gets, as our own Leon Hurley said in his review. Insomniac's take on the web-slinging vigilante looks and feels just like the Spider-Man game we've all wanted to play for decades. It's a shot of pure superhero bliss, and now it will also be more accessible for many PS4 owners, though sadly it won't be available on the PC version of PlayStation Now.

As of April 2020, PlayStation Now boasts over 300 downloadable PS4 and PS2 games, with over 800 PS4, PS3 and PS3 games available to stream on PS4 or PC. After a price cut, it's now available for $9.99 a month, or slightly cheaper if you buy your subscription in bulk. You can learn more about the service in our dedicated PlayStation Now guide. 

Control recently came to PlayStation Now ahead of its first big story DLC, The Foundation.  

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