Marvel's Spider-Man 2 player accidentally recreates painful movie moment after disabling swing assist: "My back!"

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
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A Marvel's Spider-Man 2 player has found out just how helpful swing assist is after switching it off and breaking Peter Parker's spine. 

Insomniac's latest Spider-Man game has only been out in the world for a few hours, but players are already sharing videos of their playthroughs online. One person is Twitter user @bartonovopolis who shared the below clip with the caption: "I turned off swinging assistance for the first time and…" followed by a skull emoji. As you can see from the video, swing assist is actually quite beneficial for players, which this fan found out the hard way. 

After flinging Spider-Man off a skyscraper, the player in question catapults Peter Parker across the New York City skyline. What they didn't quite account for is how difficult swinging across town is when the adjustable swing assist is switched all the way down. After flying through the air and latching onto a nearby building, this player then loops Spider-Man in the air before he smashes into a ledge (it's hard to watch it without wincing) killing the character instantly. 

If you didn't know, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has adjustable swing assist and fall damage - making swinging through New York City just that little bit more thrilling. Players can adjust the swing assist slider from 1 - 10 with the lower end being no help whatsoever and the higher end being the standard set by previous Marvel's Spider-Man games. The game automatically starts at level 10, so it's up to you just how far you want to push Peter Parker and Miles Morales' web-swinging skills. 

As pointed out by PlayStation UK in the replies to the tweet above, this moment feels reminiscent of that scene in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 movie. In the sequel, Peter Parker tries to regain his lost Spidey abilities by launching himself off a building. As you'll no doubt remember, this doesn't exactly go to plan and results in Peter hurtling towards the ground and hurting his back after smacking himself against a brick wall and falling on top of a car. I'm not sure which one looks more painful. 

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