Marvel's Midnight Suns delayed to the second half of 2022

Marvel's Midnight Suns
(Image credit: Marvel)

A Marvel's Midnight Suns delay has pushed the superhero strategy game to the second half of 2022.

Creative director Jake Solomon and senior franchise producer Garth DeAngelis announced the delay in a joint statement posted to Twitter on behalf of developer Firaxis Games. "We decided to push our launch because we need more time to make this the best game possible," it reads. "We believe in our creative vision for Marvel's Midnight Suns and want to do justice in delivering an unforgettable adventure set in the supernatural side of Marvel."

Marvel's Midnight Suns was previously scheduled to arrive in spring around March, but it's now coming in July 2022 at the absolute earliest, and even that is a generous estimate. It may well be released deeper into fall or even winter 2022. Beyond general tuning, Firaxis says this delay will allow for it "add more story, cinematics, and overall polish" to the game before its release. 

Midnight Suns is definitely one of the more distinct games in the Marvel universe, shrugging the usual action flavor in favor of more thoughtful, strategic, and card-based combat – you can get a closer look at it in action in this deck-building showcase. We spoke to Solomon, who was the lead designer on many of the XCOM games that Midnight Suns has taken pointers from, about its eccentric blend of elements earlier this year, and were overall encouraged by his and Firaxis' vision for the game. 

Here's a quick rundown on Marvel's original Midnight Sons, the supernatural superheroes that inspired the upcoming game. 

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