Marvel's Champions #6 brings on a new creative team for a new era

Champions #6
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Marvel's Champions ongoing series will welcome a new creative team in April, with writer Danny Lore and artist Luciano Vecchio taking over for outgoing writer Eve L. Ewing and artists Bob Quinn and Simone Di Meo.

Lore and Vecchio will kick off their run with a story titled 'Killer App,' which centers on the Champions trying to counter software designed to enforce Kamala's Law, which makes teen vigilantes illegal outside of government supervision.

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"The Champions tried fighting fair. Now it's time to fight dirty," reads Marvel's synopsis for Champions #6. "A sinister corporation is cheating the system to try to keep Kamala's Law on the books, so the Champions infiltrate the company to take it down from the inside."

"But the company's wildly popular self-help app is already turning public perception against teen super heroes," it continues. "Can the Champions wage war on a trend? And how dirty will their hands get before it's over?"

Incoming writer Danny Lore, who previously wrote Marvel's 2020 Ironheart limited series, states that 'Killer App' will explore the way young people in the modern era are under immense pressure from older generations, though those same young people also often lack access and power to fulfill that responsibility."

"I think it's very easy today for young people to feel either helpless or overwhelmed with the weight of the world and its ills on their shoulders," Lore states in the Champions #6 announcement.

"With rhetoric constantly showing up about how the youth will save the world, but not necessarily with the support system to assist, it's important that Champions exists as a story in which they DO have the power," Lore continues. "Where even if the teens only have each other, they can change the world, the rest of us grown folk be damned."

"Personally this is the perfect follow up to my run as artist on Ironheart, which has been super significant to me, and I'm so excited to reconnect with Riri and also get to draw Ms. Marvel, Miles, and the rest of the kids and get my visual brand on them individually and as a cohesive team," adds incoming artist Luciano Vecchio, who previously worked with outgoing writer Ewing on Ironheart.

"Young legacy heroes are my favorite category in the superhero genre because they redefine and update the archetypes we love in a constantly evolving world that challenges the kind of stories we tell," Vecchio continues.

"Champions, in particular, has been such a special read in this sense from its start and I'm honored to be part of it."

Outgoing writer Eve L. Ewing lends her seal of approval to the new team in an accompanying statement, passing the torch to Lore and her previous Ironheart collaborator Vecchio.

"I'm sad to say farewell to the Champs right now but so excited that some amazing creators are taking the helm," Ewing states. "Especially Luciano who I had the great joy of working with on Ironheart."

Champions #6 is due out in April. Watch for Marvel's full April 2021 solicitations later this month right here on Newsarama.

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