Marvel's Avengers PS5 loading times "are pretty much instant"

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(Image credit: © 2020 MARVEL)

The Marvel's Avengers PS5 and Xbox Series X versions are coming next week, and Crystal Dynamics says it's going to make a big difference in how fast you can get to the game.

The developers of the game hosted a showcase event for the PS5 version on Twitch yesterday where they demonstrated some of the new improvements coming for the next-gen native update coming on March 18. 

While the stream itself was largely focused on graphical improvements and the benefits of cross-gen multiplayer, a Crystal Dynamics representative in the Twitch chat also talked about improved loading times, as spotted by MP1st.

"Many loading screens on PS5 are pretty much instant," the representative explained. "It's very fast."

Marvel's Avengers has a fair share of load screens when you're moving from mission to mission, so cutting those down is enough reason to get excited for the new-gen versions all by itself. While the representative also confirmed that Crystal Dynamics doesn't have any plans to show the Xbox Series X version of the game ahead of its launch, they did say "it’ll be pretty much the same from a visual perspective as PS5."

Avengers players can expect support for 4K resolution and 60 frames per second on both platforms (capping out at 1440p for Xbox Series S, as usual). The update will also allow you to replay the entire campaign without switching to another account, along with bringing in Avengers' second post-launch hero, Hawkeye.

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