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Marvel's Avengers devs always expected a "struggle" to win fans over to its fresh-faced heroes, says game's creative director

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Marvel's Avengers' creative director Shaun Escayg has told GamesRadar that the team always expected a mild backlash to the game's new and improved super squad.  

Marvel's Avengers was officially revealed at E3 2019 earlier this year, but - for many - something felt... off about Earth's mightiest heroes. Instead of lifting the likenesses of Chris Evans and co directly from the Avengers movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, developer Crystal Dynamics designed their own take on each iconic character, albeit taking light inspiration from their cinematic counterparts. 

The resulting reaction from fans led the studio to quickly begin reworking the models for their playable vigilantes as Escayg explains in a new interview with GamesRadar+ .

"I mean, we knew we had that challenge..." admits Escayg. "We're going up against a 10 year history of movies. And you know, people forget really quickly, but when the first movie came out, they had the same problem. People were upset with the way these heroes looked. So we knew going in that we would always have that struggle."

Escayg, whose previous experience includes work on titles like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and The Last of Us at Naughty Dog, thus thinks that the meat and potatoes of Marvel's Avengers' gameplay will eventually win players over to its fresh faces. "The focus for us was more on our original storyline, and how do we make sure that we stay true to that DNA of the characters in the comics and bring this story to life."

Our interview with Escayg also covered Marvel's Avengers' upcoming release on Google Stadia next year, in addition to whether Crystal Dynamics is looking towards the PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett for its upcoming superhero adventure, which releases within six months of both next-gen consoles hitting the market. The game isn't due to launch until May 2020, but why not check out the latest Black Friday game deals to see what you can play in the mean time? 

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