Writers for the Ghost Rider/Sorcerer Supreme Kushala title named

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Updated: As revealed in Marvel's Voices: Indigenous Voices #1, Marvel Comics' upcoming Kushala title will be written by Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas and Benjamin Jackendoff, co-writers of Marvel's currentWerewolf By Night limited series.

Kushala will focus on the Apache warrior who became the Sorcerer Supreme of the late 19th century. The first issue is expected to debut in 2021.

Taboo tweeted the news, stating "Congrats to all my relatives that were part of Marvel's Indigenous Voices that dropped today, we also announced that B. Earl and I will be writing the new Ghost Rider Kushala."

Original story follows.

Marvel's late 1800s era Sorcerer Supreme and resident Ghost Rider Kushala - a.k.a. Demon Rider - will be returning in a big way in 2021: with her own solo comic book series.

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The publisher has announced the Kushala series as part of the reveal of a variant cover by Jeffrey Veregge for the Native American character to the upcoming Marvel's Voices: Indigenous Voices anthology.

Marvel has not revealed any details about the 2021 Kushala series.

Demon Rider was created in 2016 by Robbie Thompson and Javier Rodriguez for their short-lived ongoing series Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme. As revealed in that series, Kushala is an Apache warrior who, after asking for vengeance for the murder of her parents by the U.S. Army, became bestowed with the spirit of vengeance, Ghost Rider. 

She took that mantle, but found it to be a curse - and traveled the world to find a cure. Along the way she attained magic abilities and eventually became that era's Sorcerer Supreme - although even it couldn't rid her of the Ghost Rider persona. 

(Image credit: Javier Rodriguez (Marvel Comics))

She recently reappeared in comics as a summoned ghost to fight Malekith the Accursed's hordes during War of the Realms. 

Although Kushala will be the subject of a variant cover to November 18's Marvel's Voices: Indigenous Voices, no story for her in the anthology has been announced.

"It was clear we needed to do more to lift up more voices and talent and increase representation in and behind our stories," Marvel editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski said in the anthology's announcement. "This book is the first step of our next expansion of the program to not only elevate the diverse talent we already have at Marvel, but also discover new writers and artists who can bring their voices to our characters, both old and new. And this is only the beginning."

Look for more details on the Demon Rider series as it's confirmed, here on Newsarama.

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