Marvel Snap players are begging for Death

Marvel Snap
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Marvel Snap players are longing for Death in the game's new season.

Earlier this week, Marvel Snap commenced its December 2022 Season: The Power Cosmic. A chief addition of this new season is Lamentis-1, a new in-game location that lets both players take three cards from their decks, before completely destroying every card from their deck that was left over.

This location can be an absolute nightmare to deal with, as decks are completely decimated save three cards. This has given rise to the card 'Death' in Marvel Snap's ongoing meta, with many players now preaching the supreme power of the Death card thanks to this new location.

Death is a card that costs nine Energy, and boasts 12 Power. The trick with Death is that for each card destroyed throughout a Marvel Snap match, its Energy cost is decreased by one, gradually bringing the pretty astounding cost down bit by bit.

Therefore, if you have Death in your hand and Lamentis-1 comes up, obliterating most of your deck, the Energy cost of Death is going to shoot right down. With this method, it's really easy to see why Death has shot to the top of Marvel Snap player's most-wanted cards this season after merely a few days.

Getting your hands on Death is a little tricky. You could wait for the card to come round in the shop and purchase it using Tokens, while Snap Fan is reporting that Death can be earned from any Collection Tier rank after 486, which takes a fair while to reach. 

The new Power Cosmic season will be sticking around for the rest of December, so it remains to be seen if any other cards become prominent among Marvel Snap players.

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