Marvel prepping several WandaVision-themed comic collections - including an unreleased event comic

Marvel WandaVision
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While the Disney+ WandaVision TV show is scheduled to premiere sometime this December, Marvel Comics has begun to reveal its publishing plans to coincide with it. They will include a bevvy of WandaVision-themed comic collections, as well as an unreleased comics event called Darkhold.

This was revealed in by Marvel Comics' book trade distributor Hachette in a September - December 2020 catalog on Edelweiss.

Darkhold is a planned series of one-shots focusing on Scarlet Witch, Doctor Doom, and their magical ties to an ancient book of spells known in Marvel lore as the Darkhold. Originally announced pre-COVID-19 to debut June 24, it - and all of Marvel's titles - were postponed indefinitely due to Diamond's distribution shutdown. The publisher has since released a revised release schedule for May-August 2020, however, the Darkhold titles have not been re-solicited.

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"Critically acclaimed writer Steve Orlando (Martian Manhunter, Batman, Wonder Woman) makes his Marvel debut with a story that will delight and terrify!" reads Marvel's cancelled solicitation for Darkhold Alpha #1. "For hundreds of years, scholars and heroes alike have searched for the complete text of the Darkhold - A.K.A. the Book of the Damned, written by the elder god Chthon. Now one of the greatest sorcerers in the Multiverse has found it - and Chthon has found him. To save them all, the Scarlet Witch must gather the world’s greatest heroes… and unleash their inner darkness. Witness the Marvel Universe’s descent into chaos!"

In the new Hachette-distributed collection of Marvel's Darkhold (due out December 22), the collection is described as follows: "Darkhold sees Doctor Doom unearth the ancient Darkhold, a text written by the elder god Chthon, and unintentionally opening a passageway for Chthon to return to our dimension. To stop him, the Scarlet Witch recruits five heroes-Iron Man, Wasp (Janet), Black Bolt, Spider-Man (Peter), and Blade. To enter Chthon's dimension and fight him, the heroes must read from the Darkhold, which drives them insane."

(Image credit: Greg Smallwood (Marvel Comics))

The creators for this collection are not named, but it is listed to include reprints of the aforementioned Darkhold Alpha #1, as well as Darkhold Omega #1, and "The Darkhold: TBD A 1-E."

Curiously, the Darkhold collection is advertised with a new cover by Greg Smallwood featuring the Scarlet Witch - while the solicited-but-canceled Darkhold Alpha #1 featured a similar cover with Doctor Doom.

The four other reprint collections are:

Marvel-Verse: Wanda & Vision (coming out December 15), collecting Avengers Origins: Vision #1, Giant-Size Avengers #4, and Marvel Team-Up #129-#130.

Avengers: Vision & The Scarlet Witch (coming out December 15), collecting Giant-Size Avengers #4 and Vision and Scarlet Witch #1-#4.

Avengers: West Coast Epic Collection: Vision Quest (December 22), collecting West Coast Avengers #38-#46, Avengers West Coast #47-#52, West Coast Avengers Annual #3, Avengers West Coast Annual #4, and material from Avengers Spotlight #23.

Avengers: Vision & the Scarlet Witch - A Year in the Life (December 29), collecting Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1-#12 and West Coast Avengers #2.

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