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Go back to comic book school with Marvel's 101 web series

Calling all superhero fans! A new web series has launched courtesy of Marvel, which attempts to help us piece together the extensive history of the comic book universe.

Appearing on YouTube (opens in new tab), Marvel 101 is already up and running with 20 videos that all last exactly 1 minute 11 seconds. The series seeks to fill in the gaps for fans who aren't fully up on their comic book and Marvel Cinematic Universe knowledge, and let's face it, no-one know everything about Marvel.

Check out one of the videos below...

As you can see, the videos are packed full of helpful information, character relationships and comic book timelines so, you can brush up on some of Hollywood's biggest heroes. Already an expert? You'll still enjoy checking out the original art work.

Marvel 101 already has over two million subscribers, and we expect that number to grow before the year's out. With Avengers - Infinity War on the horizon, as well as the next phase of solo movie outings, it's perhaps the ideal time to get on board and read up on everything you need to know about Marvel universe.

Mike Williams
Mike Williams
Mike scribbles at MTV, Yahoo Movies, BuzzFeed, GoThinkBig and Live for Films. As a huge animation and sci-fi fan, his favourite movies include Spirited Away and District 9.