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Mark Millar launches search for new comic book writers and artists

Mark Millar has announced a global talent search for a new generation of comic book writers and artists. Interested? The winners will have the chance to write or draw a strip in a new Millarworld anthology. Comic Heroes magazine caught up with the Kick-Ass creator to get all the details on the awesome competition...

What spurred you to start this new talent search?

It just seemed like a nice thing to do. It’s hard for people to start out without investing their own money. My idea was to find people with good samples, just commission them and make sure that they get paid for their work.

Are you going to be judging the competition yourself?

Yes. I am actually going to be judging it with some pals. I’ll be really involved. There’s nothing more exciting than looking on Deviant Art, or something, and seeing an artist you’ve never seen before. You still come across some really brilliant folk.

And you will be matching the writers and artists together?

That’s the plan. I love the idea of putting talented people together. That’s when good stuff happens.

Is there an age limit?

No, it’s open to literally anybody! The only qualification is that they have to be good. You just want somebody who’s talented. You could be any age. You could be 55 and have always had a hankering to draw a comic strip.

Which character are you most looking forward to seeing someone do something new with?

I think Kick-Ass will be good fun. I’m gonna put them all in there though: Kick-Ass, Hit Girl and things like Starlight and Chrononauts and Superior. It’s all open. I’m 45 now. It’ll be good fun to see somebody who’s 18 have a bash at writing Hit Girl.

Enter the competition here (opens in new tab) and pick up a copy of the newly relaunched Comic Heroes (opens in new tab) from October 9 for the full interview with Mark Millar, plus much more.

Lauren O'Callaghan
Lauren O'Callaghan

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