Mark Hamill has his say on whether Han shot first in Star Wars

Star Wars
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Star Wars might be one of the most loved and iconic franchises in history, but it’s no secret that the original trilogy has been changed quite a bit since first reaching cinemas over 40 years ago.

One of the most controversial alterations is the confrontation between Han Solo and Greedo at the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars: A New Hope. The smuggler turned Rebellion-hero fired first in the '77 edition, but – thanks to a Special Edition remix –Greedo is now the quickest on the trigger. In fact, George Lucas was so adamant that Greedo should use his blaster first that he instructed the alien shoot five frames before Han in the '90s special edition.

Luke Skywalker himself has finaly joined the debate – and he doesn’t agree with Lucas. When CNN Anchor Jake Tapper tweeted “Before this conversation gets any more political allow me to state the fact that not only did Han shoot first, Greedo did not shoot second because Han was THE ONLY ONE WHO SHOT. I shed no tears for Greedo but that’s just what went down,” Hamill responded: “you can always rely on [Jake Tapper] for BREAKING NEWS.”

In the original version of the scene, Greedo didn't even have a chance to shoot since Han was so quick off the mark. 

When Tapper replied with “it was a long time ago, of course, but the revisionists are always at work,” Hamill made his stance even clearer: “Couldn't agree more, Jake. Thanks for always telling it like it is!”

Tapper also tweeted back in November 2019 that “Maclunkey shot first,” a nod to the baffling addition of the word to the Disney Plus version of A New Hope.

Whether you agree with Hamill and Tapper or Lucas, one thing seems for sure – this debate is never going to end.

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