Mario's got sole

OK, so you've got your Mario duvet, your Mario watch and your Mario T-shirt that says 'What happens in the Mushroom Kingdom stays in the Mushroom Kingdom'. Still feel there's something missing? Check these out - Legacy X Nintendo 07 shoes. Yep, Mario themed trainers.

We wouldn't actually advise wearing them. Although we're sure they're good shoes and probably waterproof considering all the plumbing Mario supposedly does, there are only 400 pairs in existence. That means they're collectable. And no-one's going to want a pair if you've worn them, unless a) your name is David Beckham or b) they're a bit funny like that.

The shoes feature power-up stars along the side and a picture of Yoshi on the sole of one shoe and Mario on the other, as though you've accidentally stepped on them while you weren't looking (although they are behind the gel of the sole. And yes, if you look inside the shoe, you'll see a picture of each respective character facing away from you. Clever.

At $120 (about %26pound;60), they're not ridiculously expensive, either, for a collectable. Check them out here.

Above: They are cool, despite the colour scheme. Right? If only they glowed with star power...