Marc Webb says he would like to introduce Kraven the Hunter to Amazing Spider-Man series

Marc Webb has been discussing potential villains for his third (and final) instalment in the Amazing Spider-Man series, with Kraven the Hunter seemingly at the top of his hit-list.

“Kraven,” said Webb, when asked which thus far unseen character he would like to bring to the big screen, given the chance.

“I like the idea of Kraven,” he continues. “The Vulture. Ock. I always thought the idea of Mysterio was interesting. Maybe Scorpion. But really, Kraven I think is kind of interesting.”

In the comics, Kraven is a Russian immigrant and big game hunter who decides that Spider-Man is the ultimate prey, and sets about trying to bring him down.

The character is also a founder-member of the Sinister Six, and was seemingly one of the characters teased in the recent bonus video released by Sony to promote that particular spin-off. Looks like he’ll be getting his big-screen bow sooner rather than later…

George Wales

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