Manhunt 2 could be released in UK as digital download

Oct 25, 2007

Rockstar's Manhunt 2 could release in the UK, but as a digital download, it's emerged.

It's all to do with a legal loophole in the UK's 1984 Video Recordings Act, which only covers physical products. An age-certification rating is apparently not required for online digital downloads.

Manhunt 2 has been refused age-certification twice by the BBFC. Following the original refusal, Rockstar submitted a revised version of the game but not enough was done in the eyes of the classification body.

However, while the release of Manhunt 2 is theoretically possible, we very much doubt the console companies would allow a game withouta BBFC rating to grace their machines.

And of course, how the hell would you get the digital download onto PS2 and Wii anyway?

[Source:Register Hardware]

Courtesy of CVG