Make love in Warcraft

Players of World of Warcraft are about to find themselves caught up in a flurry of passion. From tomorrow (11 February), a love sickness will begin to infect non-player characters, and the fantasy world will celebrate Valentine's day by decorating Horde and Alliance capital cities with frilly ribbons, flowers and streamers.

To solve the doting mystery, players must keep an eye out for doe-eyed guards, innkeepers and townsfolk who have become amorous, which is indicated by a small heart floating over their heads. Ahhh. Give a love-sick citizen a present - you can buy special love tokens from innkeepers - and the NPC will reward you with an item in return, from small toys to special quest items.

Careful who you ask, though: reckless devotions of adoration may be rejected by an unimpressed NPC, leaving your character heartbroken and forlorn. Should you start taking a liking for long, mournful walks alone through the woods, friends can step in and restore your confidence by tracking down a friendship bracelet to give to you. Exactly like in real life.

Collect every quest item from each of the Horde or Alliance capital cities - depending on your allegiance - and you can combine them all to form special gift collections. These are used to cast a vote for your favourite Azeroth hero.

Meanwhile, a goblinoid Cupid called Kwee Q Peddlefeet will be lurking around the stronghold of every hero, from Bolvar Fordragon's hall in Stormwind to Lady Sylvanas Windrunner's domain in Undercity. Hand your Horde or Alliance gift collection to the green-skinned love-critter and he'll take your vote. Don't forget to give him a /kiss while you're there - he'll shoot you with a magical arrow that grants a special little bonus.

But you've no time to sit and pore over the details, though, as the world event finishes on 16 February. So get your character some trendy threads and start wooing as soon as you can - you've got a lot to get through.

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