Mage Knight: Apocalypse

The abilities that you use the most will increase in power, so if you love to crack heads with your claymore, you'll naturally become a more formidable swordsman as you get nearer to your showdown with Mr. Dragon. Hundreds of options on each character's skill tree virtually guarantee that no two will be the same, even from the same class. The producers claim there are over 1,000 different items to find during your travels, and each one is upgradeable. These endless variations promise to keep the five vs five team online multiplayer fresh long after you've completed the scripted campaigns.

By building on the Mage Knight universe, Apocalypse benefits from a rich, pre-built mythology that fans already love. (The game will also share continuity with events happening in the tabletop universe, too.) But don't let the family ties scare you off; you'll know everything you need to point, click, and crush when you boot up the game this spring.