Mafia II sets world record as most profane game

With hundreds of f-bombs, Mafia II has earned one of the most dubious distinctions in the gaming industry. It's been designated with the Guinness World Record for "most swearing in a video game."

Specifically, it has more f-bombs than any other game. The title previously belonged to House of the Dead: Overkill. That game has a script in which 3% of all spoken words are the four-letter bombshell, or 189 times in total.

Above: Thanks to a lot of video compiling, Guinness has accepted Mafia II as the most profane game ever

But Guinness has already verified more than 200 instances of the same word in Mafia II. It has already given over the title even though record officiators are still combing over the script to get a final f-count. That's gotta be a fun job.

Although ESRB's rating summary for Mafia II is four paragraphs and more than 350 words long, the only reference to the record-breaking foul language is in one sentence that reads, "Language such as 'f**k,' 'sh*t,' and ''n**ger' can be heard in the dialogue." The game has a Mature rating with "Strong Language," among five other descriptors.

Above: If you always found yourself in situations like this, you%26rsquo;d curse a lot too

Guinness became aware of the record-setting distinction after the blog made a video compilation of 200 unique uses of the f-word. Thanks goodness for people like this. Seriously. Feel free to watch the compilation video below (but be aware is it totally NSFW!)

The record will appear in the next edition of Guinness's book of video game records. That is, unless another game comes along and steals the record first. We're talking to you,South Park.


Sep 21, 2010

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