Mafia II creator clarifies: the PS3 version will look inferior

Yesterday,a 2Kemployee with the username "2K Elizabeth" posted inthe publisher'sofficial forums to reveal why the PS3 version of Mafia II looks worse than the 360 and PC versions. Wait... hold the presses! Or... er,the webses!Abig corporate publisher has actually responded tocustomer inquiries!

"There will not be highly detailed grass or large pools of blood, the cloth movement is less noticeable than, for example, the PC version, and the visual fidelity in the demo is generally representative of what you’ll see in the full game," wrote the corporate chiacchierone (that's awesome mafia lingo for "chatterbox").

Above: This isn't a screenshot from Mafia II. It's a shot from 2K's PS3 development studio

Her comments came as a reaction to forum posters worried about motion blur and other issues in the game's recently released demo.Posters speculated thatthe demo must not be the game's final version, which they believed would look nicer. Sorry PS3 owners, but that is not the case.

Elizabeth was sure to add some comforting words in her post, saying, "While there are some differences between each version, I’m sure you’ll find that the core gameplay and the heart of Mafia II remains no matter whether you play on PS3, 360, or PC."

Above: Sit down; have a drink. It's not the end of the world if you already pre-ordered a PS3 copy of Mafia II

Indeed, there will still be lots of free-roaming mafia action in the PS3, and even though the blood won’t be quite so realistic, the really happenin’ 1950s vibe should still shine through. And really, when you're whacking all those cafones and strunzos, you probably won't really have much of a beef with the fact that cloth movement isn't as realistic as it is on the Xbox 360. You just gotta worry about not getting pinched. Yeah, we Googled a bunch of mafia terms to sound cool.

The full version of Mafia II, whether you go for the one with grass fidelity or not, will be available next week, on August 24th.

[Source:2K Forums]

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