Mafia: Definitive Edition gets a new story trailer welcoming you to the family

Just when you thought Mafia: Definitive Edition was all trailer-ed out, Hangar 13 drops a new story trailer at the Gamescom Opening Night show.

It is a bit odd to see a story trailer for the re-release of a game, but the Definitive Edition of the original Mafia will include some enhanced and modified story content, which helps keep the intrigue here. The new trailer is all about the Salieri family and Tommy's place in it as he works his way up the familial ladder, which often involves shooting some people. 

This trailer comes just over a month after an extended gameplay overview which gave us a close look at the game in action. The shooting and driving segments of the 2002 original have been retouched with modern standards in mind, but it's still got Illusion Softworks' fingerprints all over it – to the point that though our own Josh West reckons the recreation is a bit too faithful at times

As ever, the Definitive Edition of the game looks great in motion. The original game's cutscenes have been totally recreated with new motion capture and voice work, and they're straight mobster goodness right down to the bone marrow. Loyalty, heists, cigars, piles of cash and tommy guns – this trailer's got it all. At this point, we really just need to play the dang thing, and we'll finally get our chance next month on September 25. 

Watch the first trailer for the Definitive Edition and return to Lost Haven. 

Austin Wood

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