"Maeve needs to be in every scene of every episode. Thanks" – How the internet reacted to Westworld season 2, episode 5

Maeve in Westworld season 2, episode 5

Westworld season 2 opted for a change of scenery this week, with Shogun World taking centre stage. While the bulk of the action (and I mean action) took place with Maeve, Hector, and, yes, ninjas, there was also the small matter of Dolores’ relationship with Teddy taking a brave new turn. Except, like myself, the rest of the internet just wanted to spend more time out East… Spoilers for Westworld season 2, episode 5 to follow.

Land of the Rising Fun

As soon as the strains of House of the Rising Sun (Westworld-style, naturally) burst into being, you knew we weren’t in Westworld anymore. Except it wasn’t much different – in terms of narrative, anyway. That pesky Brit, Lee, has copied more than a few storylines from Westworld for Shogun World. It didn’t make the action any less entertaining though.

How powerful is Maeve?

Maeve is God. Well, she may as well be. Possessing a power than allows ninjas to self-impale, as well as taking over the entire Shogun army with but a mere thought has suddenly turned Maeve into the most dangerous Host in the entire show. And we’re here for it.

Dolores and Teddy sitting in a tree (doing more than) K.I.S.S.I.N.G

Bow-chikka-wow-wow! Teddy and Dolores finally got down and dirty this week… and Dolores immediately dumped him. Presumably off a cliff. Joking aside, we’ll be getting a rebooted Teddy coming out way very soon, and a Dolores who’ll have to grapple with her decision.

Best. Kill. Ever.

Akane – Japanese for ‘deep red’, fittingly – made an instant impact on Westworld. The Shogun equivalent of Maeve had her very own ‘daughter’ to protect, and she’s pretty handy with a weapon too. Case in point? Yeah, the Shogun leader was missing half of his head by the end of Akane’s dance.

Do we even care about the Westworld portion of the show anymore?

A lot of the complaints about the show this week seems to stem from Dolores’ portion of the plot slowing things down. We got a brief glimpse at Bernard to begin the episode – and everyone feels like Dolores should’ve made a similar-sized cameo to allow Shogun World room to breathe. I can’t say I disagree.

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