MadWorld: Murder Melody

No offense to Greg Proops%26rsquo;s and Marcus Fenix%26rsquo;s swear-laden commentary, but there%26rsquo;s a certain mortal sonata we%26rsquo;ve never been able shake since MadWorld was announced. Surely we%26rsquo;re not alone in thinking the title alone conjures images of Donnie Darko and Gears of War%26rsquo;s marketing campaign? Either way, GamesRadar has done the unthinkable and synced MadWorld%26rsquo;s carnage to the first song that comes to most people%26rsquo;s mind. You%26rsquo;re welcome!

FYI: The songs featured in the video are by Gary Jules and Evergreen Terrace.

Feb 19, 2009