Made in Abyss action RPG coming from Danganronpa developer in 2022

Made in Abyss
(Image credit: Spike Chunsoft)

Danganronpa developer Spike Chunsoft is working on an action RPG based on the popular anime and manga series Made in Abyss, coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam) in 2022.

Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling Into Darkness will offer two distinct, playable storylines. One follows the events of the first season of the anime, chronicling the descent of protagonists Riko and Reg into the hazards and wonders of the seemingly bottomless Abyss. The first screenshots for the game focus on this story, featuring a few iconic scenes, creatures, and characters from the series, including the darling Nanachi. The voice actors for the anime will reprise their roles in the game, so cutscenes and conversations ought to be a treat for fans. 

These screenshots show off melee combat (with Riko swinging her iconic pickaxe), several survival game-style resource meters for things like hunger and energy, and the depth gauge you'd expect from a Made in Abyss game. One of the key dangers in the original story is the fact that ascending in the Abyss brings on painful afflictions that only get worse the deeper you go, to the point that merely taking a few steps upward can kill you in the real depths. It'll be interesting to see how this is applied as a game mechanic and plays into exploration. 

The other storyline features new characters (presumably the blonde and blue-haired duo in the title art) and an original story overseen by series author Akihito Tsukushi. This story picks up several days after Riko and Reg first embark on their journey, but that's about all we know for now. 

A Demon Slayer game will come to last-gen and current-gen consoles later this year, but it hasn't been confirmed for the West just yet.

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