Madden NFL Football to be EA Sports' debut title on 3DS

EA Sports is calling up its popular Madden franchise to play forthe publisher'sdebut on Nintendo's 3DS.

Slated for release soon after the 3DS' launch in early 2011, Madden NFL Football will cram Nintendo's new plaything with all of the league's 32 teams and stadiums (plus 3D cheerleaders?). It will feature a full season mode withtraditional 11-on-11 matches and quicker,no holds barred5-on-5 skirmishes.

Over and above the obvious 3D features, Madden NFL Football will offer a bevy of gameplay options and perks including three types of play calling (GameFlow, Arcade and Classic), on-the-fly touchscreen controls and ample single or multiplayer game types.

EA Sports is just the latest in a long line of high profile developers (i.e Capcom, Konami, Square-Enix and, well,everyone) to bring an established franchise to the Nintendo 3DS' line-up. So now that football has been taken care of, what other sport do you hope to see in glorious, portable 3D?

Nov 10, 2010

[Source:EA Sports press release]

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