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Madden NFL 13 connected careers guide

The Player Career

Staring a Connected Career as a player is basically the equivalent of Superstar mode. There are some differences in how Superstar mode was run in years past, but many of the changes are for the better. Most of the actions you took part in before return here once again. It’s incredibly difficult to be successful in this mode at more than a few positions, but you can play anywhere on the field save for offensive line, kicker, or punter.

The goal of the player’s Connected Career is to surpass the Legacy score of the elite player at a given position, get elected to the Hall of Fame, and become the greatest position player of all time. You could choose to play as any current player in the league, one of a dozen or so Legendary players present in Madden NFL 13, or create your own player (including using EA Game Face).

Picking a Position

Obviously the most crucial aspect of the individual player Connected Career, picking your position not only sets the tone for what kind of NFL star you want to be, but how much impact you’ll have on a game or season. Positions like quarterback and running back on offense, or linebacker and defensive lineman on defense give you the most time to make a difference on the field. You could choose to play wide receiver or safety, but in addition to being rather difficult to play, let alone master, you also won’t have as much say in the team’s success.

After you decide what position you want to play, there are a few archetypes to choose from which lay the foundation on which your career will be built. Each style has a few advantages over the others immediately, but through leveling up your player, you can grow them to be incredibly well-rounded.

The list below will show you just what stats will be slightly boosted right off the bat when you start your career.


Balanced: Arm Strength, Speed, and Acceleration
Field General: Awareness, Play Action, and Throw on the Run
Pocket Passer: Accuracy and Arm Strength
Strong Arm: Arm Strength
West Coast: Short Accuracy and Mobility


Balanced: Speed and Acceleration
One Cut: Acceleration and Ball Carrier Vision
Power Back: Strength and Trucking
Receiving Back: Elusiveness and Catching
Speed Back: Speed and Acceleration

Wide Receiver

Balanced: Speed, Acceleration, and Agility
Possession: Catch in Traffic
Red Zone Threat: Spectacular Catch and Catch in Traffic
Route Runner: Agility and Route Running
Speed: Speed and Acceleration

Tight End

Balanced: Speed, Acceleration, and Agility
Receiver: Catching and Route Running
Vertical Threat: Speed, Agility, and Route Running

Defensive End

Balanced: Speed, Power, and Finesse Moves
Speed Rush: Speed, Acceleration, and Pass Rushing

Defensive Tackle

Balanced: Physical and Intangible
One Gap: Block Shedding and Acceleration
Prototype: Agility, Strength, and Acceleration

Middle Linebacker

3-4 Tackler: Block Shedding, Pursuit, and Tackling
Balanced: Speed, Acceleration, and Agility
Cover 2: Zone Coverage, Speed, and Agility
Prototype: Speed, Agility, and Acceleration

Outside Linebacker

3-4 Pass Rusher: Acceleration and Pass Rushing
Balanced: Speed, Acceleration, and Agility
Cover 2: Zone Coverage, Speed, and Agility
Prototype: Speed, Agility, and Acceleration


Balanced: Speed, Agility, Man Coverage, and Zone Coverage
Man-to-Man: Man Coverage, Speed, Acceleration, and Agility
Prototype: Speed, Strength, and Acceleration
Run Support: Press Coverage and Tackling
Zone: Zone Coverage and Play Recognition


Balanced: Speed, Agility, Coverage, and Tackling
Playmaker: Pursuit, Play Recognition, and Awareness
Prototype: Speed, Agility, and Acceleration
Run Support: Block Shedding, Pursuit, and Tackling

You’ll also have to choose a backstory for your player. There are three choices available, and each will have an impact on the goals you get from the team, and how much playing time you’ll earn at the start of your career.

High Draft

Your team is banking on you for the future. You’ll come into the NFL rated in the high-70s/low-80s, and your goals will be reflective of how much your team expects you to contribute immediately. Depending on what team you choose, you could find yourself starting the season, or replacing the starter part way through 2012.

This is the backstory that makes the most sense for those of you who want to play the game instead of watching simulated snaps. On certain teams, you can make the starting line-up immediately.

Low Draft

With your team taking a chance on you, and hoping you’ll grow to be a contributor in a few years, the Low Draft Pick backstory starts you off in the low-70s for your overall rating. Your goals will still be rather tough to meet, and you’ll have to work hard, or hope for a starter to get injured, to make any kind of impact in the first season.

Longtime Superstar players may find this backstory the most enticing, as it allows you to earn playing time, while still requiring you to put a lot of work into cracking the starting line-up.


Signed as cheap roster-filler, you’ll be rated in the high-60s/low-70s. It will be very difficult for you to start by the second year, let alone shocking the world by becoming a starter in your first sixteen games as a professional. Your goals will be much easier by comparison, but you can only earn experience by getting on the field, not watching from the bench.

Undrafted backstories are for those devoted to the grind only. There will be a lot of watching and waiting, and hardly any playing to do outside of practices and the pre-season.

Picking a Team

Now that you’ve set yourself up, it’s time to find the perfect team for you to make your mark on the NFL. Depending on the position you’ve chosen, there are teams with weak spots in the roster that will allow you to make an impact sooner. The quicker you get on the field, the faster you can grow your Legacy, and earn a bid into the Hall of Fame.

This next breakdown is a shortlist of teams that you can contribute to immediately with the High Draft Pick backstory. Ultimately, you can play wherever you want, but those of you who want to get off to a good, quick start may want to cater your career around one of these teams.





Wide Receiver


Tight End


Defensive End