M3GAN, Get Out, Halloween production company opens horror game studio

(Image credit: Blumhouse)

Blumhouse Games is a new horror game studio from the production company behind some of the film industry's most famous frights, including M3GAN, Get Out, Halloween, and Paranormal Activity.

The new Blumhouse subsidiary will initially focus on creating games with an indie budget of less than 10 million per project, with a goal to "enable innovation and pushing creative boundaries." The studio is led by Zach Wood, a veteran gaming producer whose many credits include Sony Santa Monica's Sound Shapes, Hohokum, The Unfinished Swan, and Bound, as well as Arkane's Prey: Mooncrash and Redfall.

"Through my time in the industry, I've had the good fortune of working closely with developers to bring their ideas to life. There's a unique opportunity for horror and genre in the indie game space, and I'm thrilled about teaming up with Blumhouse to meaningfully leverage the company's brand, reputation, and creative talent," said Wood.

"For some time we have been looking to build out a team to start accessing the growth opportunity in interactive media. When we sat with Zach and Don they articulated an approach that resonated with Blumhouse’s model and we knew it was a perfect place for us to start our push into the interactive space," said Blumhouse president Abhijay Prakash. "With their experience, sensibility and knowledge of the gaming marketplace Zach and Don are the ideal leaders to leverage Blumhouse's unique genre strengths into gaming."

It remains to be seen whether Blumhouse Games will focus on adapting its most popular IPs or building new games from whole cloth, but the studio has confirmed it'll be making games for PC, console, and mobile platforms.

We'll have to wait and see if the prolific movie studio has the chops to contend with the best horror games already out there.

Jordan Gerblick

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