Lumines II looms into view

Lumines trailer(MOV, 8.24MB)

Wednesday 31 May 2006
Buena Vista Games has released a trailer of Lumines II, the sequel to the popular PSP puzzle game which will be out this autumn.

The sequel will have the same block arranging format as the original as gamers control squares made of up four smaller coloured blocks. The aim of the game is to arrange these to form same-colour squares which will be wiped away by the timeline that sweeps across the screen. Simple.

The incentives to purchase the follow-up come in the form of new battle modes, 3D backgrounds and licensed soundtracks to play the game to.

The trailer tries to convey all this information while presenting Lumines II like it's some sort of alternative therapy. It should be a good game but we've yet to be convinced that it's got any healing properties.