Mayor Cage will have to break New York City's anti-superhero laws in Luke Cage: Gang War #1

Luke Cage: Gang War #1 page
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Luke Cage is currently the mayor of New York City in the Marvel Universe, and as part of his duties, he's had to give up being a superhero in favor of enforcing the city's current laws against costumed vigilantes. But the 'Gang War' crossover is about to kick off, and as Luke gets his own tie-in title, he'll be forced to take to the streets as a hero in defiance of the laws he's now sworn to uphold.

Now, we've got a preview of interior pages from Luke Cage: Gang War #1 from writer Rodney Barnes, artist Ramon F. Bachs, colorist Andrew Dahlhouse, and letterer Travis Lanham, in which Luke spends some time with his old pal Danny Rand, the original Iron Fist, before springing into action despite his better judgment. 

Here's the gallery of pages, also including the issue's cover by Canaan White:

Marvel's official synopsis for the new issue reads:

"GANG WAR: FIRST STRIKE! In the wake of the Anti-Vigilante Act, Luke has been trying to save the city from behind a desk," reads Marvel's description of Luke Cage: Gang War #1. "But a meeting with old friend DANNY RAND reminds him of the good old days when problems could be punched in order to solve them. As New York descends into a GANG WAR, Luke must use every power he has to protect the innocent and save his city!"

The larger 'Gang War' crossover will spin out of Amazing Spider-Man, with the heads of New York City's many crime syndicates vying for full control of the city's criminal underworld. Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and many other heroes will naturally be caught in the crossfire as they try to save the city from the wrath of its crime bosses.

Luke Cage: Gang War #1 goes on sale November 29.

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