Luke Cage actor reveals where he wanted the Netflix show to go in future seasons

Luke Cage
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Despite being cancelled along with Marvel’s other Netflix shows in 2018, Luke Cage actor Mike Colter has pitched his ideas for where the series could have gone in its third season – and revealed his frustration over the character’s lack of "closure."

"It didn’t give me a chance to have any closure. There were so many places we could have taken it," Colter told Collider when asked if Luke Cage’s cameo in Jessica Jones season 2 helped tie up the character’s arc.

"There’s obviously the Alias series where Jessica and Luke had a child and had this adult life they were trying to live, and there’s this moment where they are working out their blue collar, making ends meet life together, which is very interesting," Colter said.

The Luke Cage actor also hints at where his own series could have ended up. The last time we saw the Hero for Hire in his second season, Cage was being set up as the de facto overseer of Harlem thanks to his new position as owner of Harlem’s Paradise. It’s something Colter would have been keen to continue.

"There’s the journey that Luke had in his own series with Harlem’s Paradise, where he’s taken over the club, and is he gonna be a bad guy or a guy that is on the other side of the law, and who’s gonna stop him. That was another interesting thing to watch, with him maybe being a little gangster, and that would’ve been cool too."

Unfortunately, Colter’s dreams are going to remain just that – a dream. Marvel’s Netflix shows – Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and The Punisher – were cancelled in stages in recent years. The rights for the characters have, seemingly, all reverted back to Marvel Studios – though none of them have showed up in the MCU proper as of writing.

Maybe one day Luke Cage’s power fantasy will become a reality but, as Colter puts it, "it’s unfortunate, but that’s just one of the things that happens in television sometimes."

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