LucasArts confirm Episode III game for PS2 and Xbox

LucasArts have confirmed that they are indeed working on the inevitable Star Wars: Episode III game - and they say that it will be "the most authentic Jedi experience ever".

Scheduled for release in spring 2005 on PS2 and Xbox, you'll have the chance to see an early glimpse of the game - currently just called Star Wars: Episode III, natch - as part of a 'making of' vignette that will be included as part of the Star Wars Trilogy DVD box set, which is due to be released in September.

LucasArts have not revealed any gameplay details yet, other than that fact that it will focus on the Jedi and their role in Episode III - so expect plenty of lightsaber battles, including perhaps a climactic fight between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.

Star Wars: Episode III is due to be released on PS2 and Xbox in spring 2005