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LoveFilm is coming to PS3

A YouTube clip from the PlayStation 3 channel, which has now been kiboshed, confirmed the exciting news that PS3 owners in the UK and Europewill be able to stream movies from LoveFilm from November 2010.

Although the video is nowhere to be seen nowwe watched the rather official lookingclip last night and the service seems incredibly comprehensive and, most importantly,free to current LoveFilm members. Kick ass!

Above: A logo. 'Nuff said.

We don't have an official confirmation from Sony yet - and we're fairly certain whoever leaked the video is currently clearing their desk as we type - but the integration with PS3 appears seamless. As previously stated you can stream the films instantly and even do such next-gen things as pause, rewind and fast forward the content on the fly. Woo hoo!

Above: HD streaming of top films like The Dark Knight, direct to our PS3? Yes, please.

Oddly enough, the films used to show off the content in the now dead YouTube clip weren't exactly contemporary. Tom Cruise's Collateral, The Dark Knight and the Jude Law snore-fest, Alfie, were the examples. This could mean the video has been pulled to update the movies to something newer or the selection won't be quiteup-to-date as the rest ofLoveFilm's current catalogue. Who knows? We've contacted Sony for an official response but haven't heard anything yet. We'll update you as soon as we hear anything.

October 11th 2010

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