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Love Is All You Need review

Susanne Bier's frothy but heartfelt romcom

Pierce Brosnan continues to age gracefully in this Danish romcom about a widowed wholesaler who falls for a recovering cancer patient (Trine Dyrholm) while attending his son’s wedding in Italy.

Indeed, it’s his undimmed star power that proves the most dynamic element in Susanne Bier’s film. It’s a frothy affair - particularly compared to some of the director’s other works, such as Open Hearts or the Oscar-winning In A Better World - albeit one that still manges to be rueful and sombre when occasion demands.

Dyrholm offers a ballsy performance that at one stage has her emerging naked from the sea without right breast and hair.

The best turn, however, comes from Paprika Steen as a boozy bint who takes a fancy to Brosnan.

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Neil Smith

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