Louise Simonson returns to X-Men for Jean Grey solo title

Jean Grey #1 cover art
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Fans of the '80s golden age of the X-Men rejoice: Louise Simonson is back on a new X-Men title launching in August.

And not just any title: Weezie is writing a Jean Grey solo limited series with artist Bernard Chang tying into the upcoming 'Fall of X' crossover, which promises big, sweeping changes to the world of the X-Men and the mutant nation of Krakoa.

Marvel's announcement of Jean Grey #1 also points to tragedy, indicating that Jean will be reeling from some tragic events at this year's Hellfire Gala event, which has been heavily foreshadowed as a turning point for Krakoa.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"After the events of the Hellfire Gala, Jean’s life is in shambles. Mutantkind is in dire straits – and there’s nothing this founding X-Man can do," reads Marvel's announcement. "She’ll have to save herself first. And that means looking into her past – for the moment when it all went wrong – in a desperate attempt to save her and all Krakoa’s future!"

Jean Grey joins a whole host of other new 'Fall of X' titles that all tie into the impending disaster that's about to befall Krakoa, including Astonishing Iceman, Dark X-Men, Uncanny Spider-Man, and more.

For those who didn't grow up on a steady diet of '80s X-Men comics, Louise Simonson (sometimes known by her affectionate nickname 'Weezy') was a longtime editor of the X-Men and eventually the writer of X-Factor, in which Jean Grey returned from the dead after the 'Dark Phoenix Saga.'

So in other words, she's got quite a history with the X-Men, and with Jean Grey in particular.

"I loved writing X-Factor and Jean was a pivotal part of those stories, from the escape from her Phoenix-created cocoon to her life and death battle with the Goblin Queen in 'Inferno.' So It's really exciting to explore Jean's part in this new mega-adventure," Simonson states in the announcement.

"Jean has always been a pivotal character, the fulcrum upon which so many vital story points balance. She has been constantly impacted by events outside herself and struggles to control the things she can," Simonson continues.

"Her life experiences have made her cautious, less impulsive and certain than when she was younger. Her telepathic power lets her know the best and worst of those around her but she remains loving and empathic, with a strong moral core. She's brave and constantly questions herself: Did I do what was right?"

Jean Grey #1 goes on sale August 23 with a cover from Amy Reeder, seen above.

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