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Lost 3.03: Further Instructions review

The One Where: A naked Desmond predicts the future.

AIR-DATE: 18/10/2006

Written by: Elizabeth Sarnoff, Carlton Cuse

Directed by: Stephen Williams

Starring: Ian Somerhalder, Justin Chatwin, Chris Mulkey

In Flashback
Locke picks up
a hitchhiker and introduces him to
the “alternative” community
where he’s now living. But the
hitcher is really an undercover
cop, trying to get proof that the
community is growing marijuana.
Locke promises to deal with the
situation, but cannot bring himself
to shoot the cop.

On the Island
Locke wakes
after the Hatch explosion unable
to speak. He meditates to
commune the island, and
hallucinates Boone telling him
that he must save Me Eko. When
he snaps out of the vision, he can
speak. Then, with the help of a
reluctant Charlie, he saves Eko
from (it’s back!) the polar bear.

Hurley returns from the
meeting with the Others. He
bumps into a naked Desmond in
the forest. Desmond lets slip that
Locke will make a speech about
going to save Jack and co.

Later, Locke makes a speech to
the survivors about going to save
Jack and co. Oooh, spooky!

This is more like it.
Loads going on, loads of new
mysteries, loads of good dialogue
flashback is still a bit m’eh, but it’s
great to see Locke as the mystic
in tune with the island again. And
what’s with Desmond. Is he
psychic? Or from the future? Cool.

This episode also feels like a
return to form because it’s more
of an ensemble piece. Though
Jack fans may be disappointed by
his three-second appearance.

“Hairspray? I hate to be the one
to point this out to you, but…”
Locke: “It’s not for me!”

Dave Golder

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