Lost Planet Launch Party Video

As you sit there in your basement, living room, or basement reading the insightful and witty commentary we at GamesRadar produce for you on a daily basis, do you ever wonder about the men and women behind the magic and wonder? Who throws the lightning, who rolls the thunder? That's right, we like to rhyme. And as tempting as it is to follow "rhyme" with one of the six thousand words that rhyme with it, we won't do it. Because we know when to hold 'em.

Now, since you wanna know, we've brought you a video slice of our glamorous world. Last Thursday (1/11) in San Francisco, Capcom threw a big ol' party to celebrate the launch of theirawesome new shooter, Lost Planet. We were on hand to document the ice sculptures, the multiplayer madness, and all the other wacky crap that was flyin' around that place. It was nutso.

To live vicariously through us, hit the Movies tab above, and look for "Lost Planet - launch party 01-17-07." If you don't see it right there, just launch any Lost Planet video and hunt your quarry in the video player. Then run and tell your friends you've seen it. Anybody want a peanut?

Above: 'Cause the game is set on an ice planet, get it?

January 18, 2007