LOST island hidden in Just Cause 2

Are you rooting for Jack or Sawyer? Team Jacob or Team Locke? Prophet Hurley or Zombie Sayid? Flashbacks, flash forwards or flash sideways? Do you have any idea what the hell I'm talking about?

If so, you're clearly still a LOST fan, and if so, you now have a reason to pick up the recently released Just Cause 2. Plenty of developers sprinkle their games with subtle references to movies, books, comics and TV shows, but the creators of Just Cause 2 have really raised the bar. As the video below shows, they've included not just the LOST numbers, not just a couple lines of LOST trivia, but the whole damn LOST island. (Keep scrollingfor screen-by-screen highlights anda map of where to find the island for yourself.)

Video from YouTube userCyborgmatt

Above: A mysteriously isolated island on the Just Cause 2 map. Why not fly over and see what happens? What could possibly go wrong?

Above: Oh, right. THAT. From what I've read, flying over this area in any plane - even the fastest and strongest - will result in an automatic crash.

Above: No point in including a cool LOST reference if no one ever finds it. Also, check out thewreckagenext to the beach... Oceanic 815?

Above: Gamers report that when they visit the LOST island in Just Cause 2, the sky immediately darkens and turns to rain. Some even claim they can hear Smoke Monster sound effects while running through the jungle.

Above: And there she is. A little rounder thanI remember from the show - and you can only get inside with a PC hack - but pretty damn awesome nonetheless.

Mar 24, 2010

Charlie Barratt
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