Lost in Random release date and gameplay revealed

The Lost in Random release date has been confirmed, and you'll be dealing your way through its card-powered battles in under two months.

Developer Zoink Games confirmed in the EA Play Live event that its upcoming EA Originals title will arrive on September 10, with a simultaneous release across Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S. On top of revealing the Lost in Random release date, Zoink and EA also showed off our first look at Lost in Random gameplay.

The gameplay reveal showed off the unique battle system for Lost in Random, which looks like a fairly standard third-person action game until your dice friend freezes time to let you pick from a bunch of cards. Each card comes with its own bonuses which will help you out in battle; a few of the examples revealed at EA Play live included giving a massive hammer to our diminutive hero, or turning our dice friend into a walking bomb (just make sure the bad guys are the ones who get blown up, not you).

The trailer also includes a teaser for Lost in Random's story, which takes place in a dark fantasy world that seems to take more than a little inspiration from The Nightmare Before Christmas and other Tim Burton stop-motion classics. You play as Even, a young girl who sets out on an adventure to rescue her older sister (named Odd, naturally) from an evil queen-type figure. Along the way she meets her cuboid friend Dicey, and they quickly learn to rely on each other's unique talents to survive.

The EA Play Live presentation also included reveals for Apex Legends Emergence, Battlefield 2042's franchise-spanning Portal mode, and much more - including the long-awaited, official confirmation of a Dead Space remake in the works from EA Motive, the same developers behind Star Wars Squadrons. EA just snuck Dead Space in right at the end there, so we don't know how long we may have to wait to play it - but we do know it will be a new-gen exclusive.

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