Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth Cheats

Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth FAQs

Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by chipmyster1992

    Change values of units

    Game data files

    To change the values of your units, you need to go into the computer directory where you installed the game, e.g. C\program files\electronic arts\battle for middle earth. Then locate the INI.BIG file and open it with notepad. When open, locate (use ctrl+f to open find) the line "GENERIC UNITS/STRUCTURES" and under this you will find the values for damage, move speed, heal delay, amount, health, build time and cost. This works for the characters, structures and upgrades. Just scroll down and change as much or as little as you wish

  • PC | Submitted by sonic gamezzer

    500,000 Command Points

    while in the playing screen good/evil

    Type in the army. You should now have 500,000 command points to make as many men and/or civilians as you like!

  • PC | Submitted by danni21695

    700 Resources

    Pause menu

    At pause menu type gold. You will recieve 700 resources.

Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Davey no.1

    Helms Deep (Evil Campaign)

    At all the levels before Helms Deep (where you can create wargs) build an army of wargs and upgrade them fully. When it comes to Helms Deep follow the refugees to Helms Deep staying a little bit behind and when they get half way up the slope just run up to the gate and it should be open. Go straight through the gate and kill anyone inside, then destroy all buildings that can create units and destroy everthing else.(When it comes to killing the archers just run along the wall and it should kill them, if not run over them again). If done properly you should complete the level before fangorn and rohan reinforcements arrive.

  • PC | Submitted by Henry Muter

    Elf War

    If you want to win as the elves it's very simple. Just buy 5 battaions of Mirkwood archers and attack. Now for the fortress make 2 ents. Also buy the arrow upgrade for the Mirkwood archers so it's a one hit KO and now they can destroy buildings easily.

  • PC | Submitted by Brizzle

    Easy Win at Cair Andoras

    Skirmish mode

    Get 6 battalions of archers and then upgrde them with fire arrows. Then send them into the Ruined Towers around your base. Then any attack toward you will be slaughtered!!

  • PC | Submitted by Nick

    Easy win at Minas Tirith

    Good Campaign, Minas Tirith

    When your on the good campaign and is about to go to Minas tirith, here's how to beat it. Before even clicking on Minas Tirith, you should upgrade all battalions with heavy armaor and the archers with fire arrows. Then you must have the Rohirim allies in the spell bar. Once in Minas Tirith, bring Faramirs army inside. Shut the gate. On the wall build catapults on the two towers closest to the door. Then the rest should be in a pattern of catapults and towers. Also, Faramirs army should have at least 200 command points. First thing, put 4-6 soldier/knights on each side and 3-6 archers on each side. Make sure their spread out and not that far away from the gate. Then build 3 farms in the castle, a balcksmith, barracks, archery range, and workshop. Then build two keeps at the two spots in front of the gate. On the secoend level, just make 2 farms and a barrack and archery range. Put Boromir on the left wall and Gandalf on the right. Put Faromir and Pippin behind the gate. Once Mordor arrives, relax. Your archers will get rid of them. Make sure your archers are attacking the mordor archers, not the orcs. Once round two comes in with the catapults, use your Rohirim ability. Destroy the catapults. Once the trolls push the towers on the wall, your soldiers will handle them. Once the orcs calm their tower attack, the Nazgul and Grond try to open the gate. Use the archers with fire arrows to destroy the nazgul. If Grond is already attacking the gate, use your archers to attack it. Use Gandalf's Light thingy To damage it and Faromirs arrow thing. If it's destroyed before the gate is destroyed, your in luck. Keep on doing the routine until the Rohan army arrives. If it opens, pull all your soldiers off the wall and put them behind the gate. Hold them off for about 3 minutes, then retreat to the the second level. Once the Rohiriim arrive destroy th orcs around the building. If there in Minas Tirith, destroy them in there and bring the Gondor army back down to the the first level. Then hold them off. If the gate is shut, open the gate and bring the Rohan army in the castle and shut the gate. Destroy the orcs that got in. Keep on holding them off on the wall. When the Mukamaki (big elephants), come, don't worry, they don't go close to the castle. If by some reason they do, shoot them with your archers and bring the rest of your army up to the second level. They can come in the castle, so be cautious. Once Aragorn comes, victory is almost yours. Destroy the orcs and Mukamaki with the ghosts and then go to the camps and destroy all the buildings. If there are a lot of orcs in Minas Tirith, go in their first. Once the camps are destroyed, destroy therest of mordors army and victory is yours!

  • PC | Submitted by mirg20

    Get Trolls in Fangron

    When playing as Isengard

    On the way to the elven camp, if you have a sharp eye you we see a cave with smoke coming out of it. Go up to it with at least one troop and three cave trolls will come out. These trolls are stronger than usual, but focus your trolls on the elves and your uruk crossbowmen on the ents.

  • PC | Submitted by Lee Stark


    Helms Deep: get as many archers as you can and only aim for the ladders. don't put any around the gate till a ram appears then use two heroes to kill it (i used Theoden and Ewyon). summon your other army as soon as you can. then it's self explanatory.

    Minis Tirth: again get as many archers as you can and upgrade them. The mission before that with Farimer I upgraded all of my troops soo... anyway. Build some battle towers but mostly trebuchets. Build two right next to the door. This will help later. When the siege towers come just shoot it with your trebuchets. You'll do fine till the Ram comes, then get all your archers on it but don't open the gate! And don't send any soldiers out, get them all to the door. If it busts open get all your hero's there. When this happens transform the land in front of the gate to woods. Then send all your solders out to it and wait and survive. when the rohherim come it gets easier. When the army of the dead comes it takes a while for them to get to Minis Tirth. Also when the Nazgul come use Gandalf's light beam attack. This is a long stage, i played it for about and hour, but it's fun!

    Powers: It really doesn't matter but the eagles helped a lot at Minis Tirth.

  • PC | Submitted by Mothy27g

    Easy Win With Rohan

    If you are Rohan in a skirmish or online, build 2 or 3 farms in your castle. Then go out and find so other sites that you can build farms and do so. Then, build 3 wells. This will reduce the cost of you infintry drastically. Then build an archery range. Build 4 battalions of Yeoman Archers to get your building to level 2. Use then for recon or just to gaurd your base. Next build as many elven archers as possible. They are only 490 with the 3 wells instead of 700! After, get the fire arrow upgrade and upgade your elves first. You archer army will be unstoppable against Nazgul, infintry, trolls, ents, horseman, all uruk-hai, siege weapons, everything!

  • PC | Submitted by John Brand

    The Nazgul

    When you are one of the ringwraithes be sure to stay away from arches. Mostly keep away from Elven archers and if you are fighting Isengard, stay away from their crossbow men.
    When you get the points to buy mountain trolls, dark wizards, etc save up for the nazgul or even better the witch-king.

  • PC | Submitted by Liam Bevan

    Unlimited Command Points

    Max out your command points with an army then send them out to the edge of the map, it will ask you if you want them to leave, answer yes. Then build another army then click on the reinforcements flag then you got a double army.

    note: this only works in campaign mode.

  • PC | Submitted by Defunguser

    Leveling Hobbits

    When fighting as Gondor, Purchase merry and 2 to 4 battalions of gondor soldiers. Click merry and chose throw rocks mode. then send merry out along with the gondor soldiers as a strike force. this works better and faster than you think. by the time merry gets to level 8 or so, he will be able to 1-hit ko any basic infantry unit.

  • PC | Submitted by Dj Loops

    Strong Trolls & Ents

    First Create a troll, one you have done that pick up a tree-left click on troll than right click on tree- after that is done fight the enemy and your troll will become stronger with armor and will get a spiked club.

    To make an Ent more powerful, have it to pull boulders out of buildings or rock piles to throw at enemies.

  • PC | Submitted by Frazer Buckley

    General Hints

    Try to get as many outpost plots around your base.

    When you have a castle close the gate and build a postern gate.

    Build two economy structures per one unit production building.

    Fewer upgraded units are always better than many non-upgraded units.

    Build economy structures in the back of the Camp/Castle and build unit
    production structures in the front.

  • PC | Submitted by Spencer

    Protecting Your Base

    When your Rohan or Gondor first you should build a couple of farms and then build a archery range. Build about 3 battalions of archers. Line them against the wall , also you should get trebuchets when Gondor. Then taunt them by opening your gate then they come at you and your archers will shoot then as soon as you can close the gate do that. Then when they stop sending soldiers you have enough powers in the power menu to get the Elven or Rohirimm allies (except when Rohan) believe me saves alot of your soldiers.