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Looks like For Honor's latest update preps it for Xbox Series X

For Honor
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

It looks like updates are rolling out to Xbox Series X backwards compatible games such as For Honor to get them ready to take advantage of next-gen power.

A Reddit user going by arha noticed an interesting change in the latest update for For Honor on Xbox One: the ConsoleType field has been updated to display "XboxOneGen9Aware" instead of just "XboxOne". Ubisoft previously confirmed (opens in new tab) that an "enhanced For Honor experience" would be available for next-gen players, and with this update it looks like the game will be better able to track what kind of Xbox hardware it's running on.

Something interesting I spotted on the latest For Honor update from r/XboxSeriesX

Ubisoft said enhancements that were previously available on Xbox Series X and PS4 Pro will be available on next-gen consoles "without compromises", including improved water reflections, shadow resolution, and support for 4K resolution (or 1080p on Xbox Series S). Support for 60fps gameplay is planned to arrive in December.

The Reddit poster also pointed out that this lines up with an in-depth explanation of how backwards compatibility will work that Microsoft gave to Digital Foundry (opens in new tab) in September: "When games are updated, existing games can query to determine whether they're running on the new console," system architect Andrew Goossen said.

"There's no real perf tuning necessary when you do this, and so often it's just as easy as changing three lines of code, and then the game works [...]  We're working with game developers and publishers to update [their titles]."

We got to go hands-on with a bunch of backwards compatible games on Xbox Series X and we were impressed.

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