Looks like Apex Legends season 6 may buff the Mozambique

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Apex Legends season 6 is just around the corner, and it may be bringing a crucial buff to what could very well be its worst gun: the Mozambique. 

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As pointed out above, an eagle-eyed fan noticed the Mozambique looked a bit different in the Apex Legends season 6 gameplay trailer: it seems like it now has four rounds in the chamber. Traditionally, the shotgun pistol files three rounds of pellets, which quite frankly do nothing - even the Mozambique's hop-up, Hammerpoint Rounds, only help increase damage against unshielded opponents, and how many of those do you come across in the arena?

If the Mozambique is indeed getting an extra round, perhaps the gun will be getting other adjustments as well. As of right now, the damage per magazine is only 135, which means it'll take at least two to kill another Legend - unless you're hitting them in the head, which is pretty damn difficult with a shotgun pistol with damage that drops significantly at range.  There's also no way to add more magazines, so the gun is fairly ineffective in many scenarios. Seriously, I would often rather have the option to hurl the Mozambique at an enemy player's head than get stuck with it as a weapon for longer than a few minutes.

Whether the Mozambique is getting a major rework like the G7 did in February (it moved from sniper to assault rifle class and had its fire rate reduced) is currently unclear, so stay tuned for Apex Legends season 6 patch notes which will detail any buffs or nerfs to Legends and/or weapons. Thanks to the Apex Legends season 6 launch trailer, we know Rampart is joining the arena this season, so prepare to play with the cheeky engineer, who looks like she'll be an excellent addition to the battlefield. Apex Legends is also adding crafting to gameplay, and come to think of it, I wonder if that has anything to do with the Mozambique magazine... 

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