Apex Legends season 6 launch trailer introduces new Legend, Rampart the modder

The Apex Legends season 6 launch trailer surprise-dropped today, along with the reveal of a brand-new Legend rumored to be joining the Apex games: Rampart. Described as an "expert modder", Rampart also comes with her companion, Sheila, who is most likely either a robot helper or a big ol' gun. Apex Legends season 6 will start August 18, and its official name is "Boosted."

According to the official EA site, Rampart made a name for herself in underground fight clubs and likes to talk some smack - that she can very handily back up with ballistics. It appears that Rampart is of Middle Eastern or Indian descent, which is just another testament to Respawn's ability to inject a healthy dose of diversity in Apex Legends. 

There's no details about Rampart's abilities just yet, and she doesn't have her own card on the Legends section of the EA site as of publication. While dataminers reportedly revealed her abilities last month, Apex Legends writer Tom Casiello confirmed on Twitter that Rampart's abilities were "old leaked content." We'll update you accordingly as soon as Rampart's abilities are revealed, but expect there to be some hacking/engineering skills.

There are some other things joining Apex Legends season 6 alongside Rampart, including a new crafting system that will allow you to collect materials from around the map and build other items from them. There's also a brand new weapon, an energy SMG called the Volt. Titanfall 2 fans will recognize the Volt - it's got a fast reload, little recoil, and pretty good hip fire accuracy (it fires hitscan energy rounds). In short: it'll be a great addition to Apex Legends. 

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Alyssa Mercante

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