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Apex Legends hints at a deep dive into Bangalore's backstory

Apex Legends Bangalore
(Image credit: EA)

Apex Legends seems poised to give us some details about OG character Bangalore and her backstory, based on this cryptic tweet.

The audio file is a voice message that we've transcribed. "Hey, it's Williams. Man, P [unclear], ya already done? You ever sleep? Hiatus is coming up, so I'll swing by this weekend. Drinks are on me." 

It's a bit tough to hear, but if Bangalore does indeed say "P" she could be referring to Pathfinder or Wattson (whose last name is Paquette) or a completely different character that may be revealed for Apex Legends season 6. 

While Bangalore is an original character who's been around since Apex Legends' launch in February 2019, she has not had any town takeovers or lore videos released. We know from her character trailer that her name is Anita Williams, and she's a former military weapons expert. We also know from her brief backstory on the EA site that she and her brother, Jackson, were on board a military ship when it was attacked by unknown assailants - Jackson was sucked out into the vacuum of space and Bangalore crash-landed on a Syndicate planet. She started looking for work to raise enough money to head back to her home planet of Gridiron, to reunite with her family and find her brother, who she refuses to believe is dead.

Now, it's clear from this audio file that she's not referring to Jackson, and it's also likely not an old message from Bangalore's military days - she would likely use the term "leave" rather than "hiatus," which sounds a lot more like a term referring to a break in the Apex Legends competition. Perhaps an upcoming Stories from the Outlands or another character-based short could show Bangalore on hiatus from the arena, chatting it up with this unknown person, to whom she owes a drink.

Either way, it's high time for some Banga-lore, if ya know what I mean.

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