Look Inside Comic Heroes Issue 20!

Verily, Marvel's Thunder God Thor takes a hammer to the new issue of SFX ’s sister title dedicated to the comics scene...

Comic Heroes magazine is your place to discover the origins and most exiting stories of Marvel's Thor alongside movie previews, comic round-ups, a mighty trio of free gifts and more!

Thor has battled his way to top spot in this latest issue of Comic Heroes. Hitting the shelves from 19 October, it's packed full of top class comic interviews, news and reviews.

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We all know that the best things in life are free, So to make this packed magazine even better it comes along with three mighty free gifts: a branded Comic Heroes pen, a pack of Comic Heroes sticky notes - very useful and a constant reminder on your desk of your favourite mag - and a fantastic 52-page comic sampler (featuring Death Sentence , First Kingdom , Thrud and more). Digital readers don’t get the Comic Heroes pen or sticky notes but still get the unmissable Sidekick comic pages.

CH Pen And Sticky Pad

There’s an amazing 14 pages of Thor-mania introducing the origins of the man himself as well as his most fearsome foes and most epic battles.

We find out what plans the celebrated author (and son of Stephen King) has at the close of his hit series, Locke & Key .

Catch up on the latest comic creations of Gerard Way, as he sets out to show that he’s got more than My Chemical Romance and The Umbrella Academy in him.

The rise and … rise of the superhero movie: a look at why caped loons have dominated the silver screen and what else to look forward to in the coming year - it's your massive movie preview.

Do the time warp and take a closer look at the experimental and satirical comic icon of the '70s, Howard The Duck .

An in-depth and personal interview with James O’Barr, creator of the cult classic The Crow .

Did we mention that this issue comes with a 52-page mezze of comic delights (that’s FREE and included in both print and digital copies). That means that you can sample tantalising extracts from First Kingdom , Thrud and more. Sidekick opens up with the star of the show Death Sentence , a gritty show of disease and grime.

Al Ewing on The Avengers ; Brian Michael Bendis on X-Men: Battle Of The Atom ; David Lloyd on V For Vendetta ; Godzilla ; Frank Brunner; Clone Saga ; comics review round-ups and loads more!

What are you waiting for? Ultimate comic book news and entertainment is afoot. Get yourself to your nearest stockist.

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