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Loki release schedule: when is episode 3 streaming on Disney Plus?

Loki episode 3 release date
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Loki's third episode can't come soon enough. By now, you've probably gotten used to the brand-new release schedule on Wednesdays. But doubts can still linger, especially with the impending release of Black Widow potentially shaking things up further.

But don't worry, your fears can be allayed. Below, we'll clue you in on not only the Loki episode 3 release date on Disney Plus, but also exactly what time it starts streaming. That's especially important given social media's tendency to spoil anything and everything from the MCU shows the second they air. For the well-prepared among you, we'll even be taking a cursory glance at the Loki release schedule so you can plan out your weeks well in advance of the show's finale.

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Loki episode 3 release date: when does the new episode air on Disney Plus?

Loki episode 3 release date time

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

The Loki episode 3 release date is again on a Wednesday. Specifically, Wednesday, June 23.

It'll be available from 12:00am (midnight) Pacific/3:00am Eastern in the US, so be warned that it's likely to affect your sleeping patterns should you stay up past your bedtime. Over in the UK, it's a far more manageable 8:00am BST. While previous MCU shows have history for dropping even earlier on occasion, Loki has (ironically) stayed the course and is only available on the hour and not, say, 15 minutes before. Still, it's worth checking. You never know.

Loki release schedule

Loki release schedule

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

The Loki release schedule, once you’ve gotten used to the change of days, is pretty straightforward: six episodes across six weeks, starting June 9. Episode 2 is on June 16, the third episode follows on June 23, and so on.

Here is the full schedule – it's locked in, but plans are always subject to change. All of the currently-aired episodes are in bold and we'll update the list below if there are any changes, so keep checking back.

  • Loki episode 1 – June 9
  • Loki episode 2 – June 16
  • Loki episode 3 – June 23
  • Loki episode 4 – June 30
  • Loki episode 5 – July 7
  • Loki episode 6 (finale) – July 14

Will all Loki episodes be airing on Wednesdays?

Loki episode 3 when does it release on Disney Plus

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Yes! Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston, confirmed the news in a recent featurette. Why the change? It’s likely to avoid a clash with Marvel Phase 4 movie Black Widow, which is debuting in cinemas (and on Disney Plus’ Premiere Access) on Friday, July 9. The Mandalorian’s first season also aired an episode in the middle of the week to sidestep a head-to-head with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in 2019.

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