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Loki behind-the-scenes clip teases "real mayhem"

Loki marvel studios still
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

While The Falcon and The Winter Soldier might not have been quite the follow-up to WandaVision everyone expected, there's life in Marvel's small-screen universe yet. There's still the Loki series. 

Due to arrive on Disney Plus on June 9, fans who can't wait can feast their eyes on this new glimpse at Loki. In the clip, Tom Hiddleston promises "mischievous things" and Owen Wilson, who co-stars as Mobius M. Mobius hints at "real mayhem". The God of Mischief hogs the spotlight in this latest behind-the-scenes featurette diving into what exactly fans can expect from the upcoming show:

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By its very nature, a show revolving around the cheeky, meddling antihero sounds less of a heavy lift and more like a fun-filled day at the park. And that's just what this clip delivers.

Taking place after the events of Avengers: End Game, the story introduces us to the TVA – the Time Variance Authority. Think of them a little like Marvel's version of The Adjustment Bureau. It's their job to make sure nothing untoward happens to the timelines, which is how Loki ends up alive despite perishing in Avengers: Infinity War.

Based on what Loki writer Michael Waldron told Total Film, this show's going to cause ripples throughout the entire MCU. That feels rather unsurprising based on the TVA's powers and Loki's rapscallion nature. You can check out our mega preview of Loki, featuring interviews with the entire cast and crew, in the new issue of Total Film, which is out now.

Loki starts streaming the first of its six episodes on Disney Plus June 9. For more, check out all the new Marvel TV shows coming your way.

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