LocoRoco gets seasonal

Sony has prepared a special Christmas treat for fans of PSP puzzler LocoRoco in the form of a seasonally themed download featuring new characters, songs and challenges.

Earlier this year a special Halloween download was made available which dropped bats, pumpkins and generally scary things into LocoRoco land, well now these will be replaced by falling snow, singing choirs and decorated doorways.

All this Christmas themed content will appear in a brand new level which will also feature new characters such as snowmen and Jack Frost. To complete the experience there's a brand new song to accompany the action which can be found by clicking on the Movies tab above and finding "LocoRoco - Christmas song 11-27-06."

Above: Here's the LocoRoco take on a white Christmas, complete with a oddly shaped Santa.

As with all good Christmas presents, the download is completely free and will be available from www.yourpsp.com on December 11th.

November 27, 2006