A live-action Pac-Man movie is in the works from Sonic the Hedgehog producer

Pac-Man 1982 TV show
(Image credit: Hanna-Barbera)

A live-action movie based on Pac-Man, one of the most universally beloved classic arcade games, is officially in the works.

Pac-Man creators Bandai Namco Entertainment are behind the new adaptation, based on an original concept developed by live-action Sonic the Hedgehog producer Chuck Williams.

The video game, created by Namco designer Toru Iwatani, first debuted in both Japanese and North American arcades in 1980. Pac-Man's massive success in North America quickly spawned several sequels, new characters, and at-home game console editions. Gameplay is pretty simple: a player controls Pac-Man as he moves through a maze collecting pellets. The goal is to make it through the end of the maze without being eaten by a pink or blue Ghost Monster. As the player succeeds, the levels get harder, and the speed at which the Ghost Monsters chase you increases.

The first cartoon adaptation hit televisions everywhere in 1982, created by none other than Hanna-Barbera – the studio behind classics like Scooby-Doo, The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Josie & the Pussycats... and the list goes on. A second TV show popped up on Disney XD in 2013 that featured Pac-Man, Mrs. Pac-Man, and co. in CGI format (in which his signature cartoon eyebrows which his eyebrows kind of look like 3D cat ears).

Considering that the movie will be based on an original idea from the Sonic movie's producer, it's possible that we'll be seeing some CGI Pac-Man characters floating around in a real-life world and comingling with humans. Maybe James Marsden will pop up.

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