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Live-action Metroid: Other M trailer is sexy and emotive in equal measure

However the game turns out, Nintendo is currently doing one hell of a job of selling Samus as a character. Potentially the deepest and most nuanced of all of Ninty's roster, she's really coming into her own with this campaign, with the spotlight tightly focused on her history, her tribulations, and what the cumulative effect of 24 years of lone bounty-hunting does to a person. And one or two lapses into slightly cheesy line delivery aside, this US TV spot does a great job of conveying all that. Any Nintendo gamer of a certain age who doesn't well upa littleduring the last flashback image frankly has no soul and is not to be trusted.

Also, Zero Suit.

So what do you think? Hyped? Or are you still dubious of a Metroid game developed by the Dead or Alive team?

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