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Lionsgate bringing zombie comic book Z-Men to the big screen

Hollywood’s zombie epidemic shows no sign of abating any time soon, with Lionsgate teaming up with comic book publisher Double Take to bring Z-Men to the big screen. Penned by Jeff McComsey, the graphic novel is the flagship title in Double Take’s newly launched universe based around George Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead.

The story follows a pair of government agents attempting to fight the burgeoning zombie apocalypse. Needless to say, they’re slightly out of their comfort zone, given that they can’t just slap a pair of cuffs on a reanimated corpse.

The adaptation heralds the beginning on extended partnership between Lionsgate and Double Take’s parent company, the videogame publisher Take-Two Interactive. "We’re delighted to expand our relationship with our friends at Take-Two by partnering with their comic book arm, Double Take, in bringing Z-Men to the big screen," said Lionsgate co-chairs Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger. "We... look forward to translating 2T’s graphic novel into a spine-chilling film for moviegoers and comic book fans alike."

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